Surrounding lakes


Lake Le Bourget

18 km from Challes Les Eaux

Many leisure options around the Bourget Lake : several beaches, nautical activities (pedal-boats, windsurfing, canoeing, stand-paddle, water skiing …), pleasant walkways along the shores, cruising (round the lake, up to the Savière canal or dining on the lake…),.
It’s no wonder if the lake has so often inspired the poet Lamartine, as many remarkable sites can be admired along the shores : the hautecombe Abbey, the Bourget lake Priory, the viewing area of La Dent du Chat ….
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Lac d'aiguebelette vu du haut du Mont-grêle

Lake Aiguebelette

25 km from Challes-Les-Eaux

A perfect place to go swimming in blue-green waters, the warmest waters in Savoie (up to 26°C in summer).  Around the lake, you will find many beaches where you can relax and enjoy a very quiet environment as motor boats are not allowed.

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Lake Annecy

55 km from Challes-Les-Eaux

Its turquoise waters are known as the purest lake waters in Europ. The lake blends into Annecy’s city center, but it is also surrounded by superb mountains. This ideal configuration allows a large variety of leisure activities.
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Lake La Thuile 

13 km from Challes-Les-Eaux

This small mountain lake has kept all its original character. The village of La Thuile  is located in the Bauges mountain range, where you can enjoy hiking, cycling or fishing in breathtaking landscapes.
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Lac Saint André

Lake Saint André

7 km from Challes-Les-Eaux

This small lake is located at the heart of the Combe de Savoie vineyards, on the Wine Route, and nestled at the base of Mount Granier. Swimming is not monitored, fishing is allowed only during official opening periods.

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