You want to discover a place, a region in a different way?
Here is a fun way to link history, heritage and outdoor sport. 

Born in 2000 in the United States, it’s both a game and a sport with several difficulty levels depending on the hiding place.
Halfway between a high-tech treasure hunt and an orienteering race, Geocaching came in France a few years later.
With a GPS or a smartphone in their hands, “geocachers” travel to every corner of the country to find mysterious treasures hidden in boxes (“geocaches”).
This fun activity allows players to discover outstanding, unusual, known or unknown sites.
Geocaching exists all over the world.
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The players record their discovery on a little book named logbook which they have found in the box and/or they share it after on the website dedicated to it.
The different boxes can be situated in different spots: in the country, in the city, in the mountain, in a wall, in a tree, behind a signpost, indoors, outdoors…
It’s a free game (there is a second level which you must pay for) which we can practice alone, with friends or family at whatever ages!
The box
The box can be of various sizes and shapes.
It can be:
- a traditional cache:  you find it with the GPS contact details
- a multi cache: it’s a paper chase to find the GPS contact details
- a mystery cache : you have to solve one or several riddles to get the final GPS contact details.
- an earthcache: this cache has an educational aim which is to discover a geographic characteristic.
Each cache must at least hold a logbook, a pen and a note from its owner to his or her guests and to those who would happen to find the cache.
Then, small toys or trinkets also make up the content of a typical cache. Geocachers are invited to take an object in the cache and to leave one in exchange.
A lot of caches are hidden in Chambéry and its suburbs. They allow you to discover a heritage which is sometimes unknown though near you.
Download the application on your smartphone on Play Store or Apple Store and discover the caches in Challes-les-Eaux and the surrounding area.
Beware, you may get to like it!